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You are eligible to join the BSRT if

  • your doctoral research project deals with Regenerative Medicine;
  • you are about to start a doctoral project within Berlin or Potsdam’s Regenerative Medicine network;
  • either your first, second or both supervisors are associated with the BSRT or the BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies;
  • the start of the doctoral project was no more than three months ago.

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Application to the BSRT

If you want to join the BSRT and you think you are eligible, you need to sumit a short application to the BSRT. Please request the application form from the BSRT Coordination Office. This form contains everything we need to know from you.  

Based on the information you provide in your application, the BSRT Coordination Office can make an initial assessment of your suitability for our graduate school. If you are eligible, you will be invited to initiate the next steps of your application for the BSRT

If you are a suitable candiate, the BSRT Coordination Office may treat you as a prospective member of the school. Then , if you wish, you can already participate in courses until you discuss your application during the BSRT Pitch Event with the BSRT Quality Assessment Board. 

The next steps

You will have to write a project proposal and discuss it with your thesis committee within the first six month after you started your project.  

After you submitted a copy of your project proposal and the minutes of the thesis committee meeting to the BSRT coordination office, you will be invited to present and discuss your project with the BSRT Quality Assessment Board and the BSRT community during the BSRT Pitch Event

After a positive evaluation by the BSRT Quality Assessment Board, you will receive a letter with the official acceptance into the graduate school.

The BSRT Quality Assessment Board

wants to assess whether

  • you are a suitable candidate for our school
  • the project fits into the BSRT in terms of content
  • the research project is well structured
  • the research project can be carried out in a reasonable time frame (3.5 to 4.5 years)
  • your thesis committee provides a suportive environment that allows you to achieve your research goals.

The BSRT Quality Assessment Board usually meets every year in January and July