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Scientist adds culture in incubator

Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral researchers at the BSRT benefit from a strong network of senior scientists, young research group leaders and post-docs and an intellectually stimulating environment in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. This network is constantly expanding and changing, with new PhD students entering the programme each year, carefully selected by the BSRT Admissions Committee, and an ever-growing number of graduates embarking on new careers around the world.

Sie befinden sich hier:

Current Doctoral Researchers Q-T

Susanna Quach (Germany)

Elucidating the cellular crosstalk in hepatobiliary inflammation in human liver organoids with myeloid lineages
Charité - Klinik für Pädiatrie m.S. Nephrologie
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Milad Rezvani - Adrien Guillot - Ludovic Vallier

Luka Queitsch (Germany)

On the other side of the table – Defining the pathogenic and regenerative role of renal transplant tubular epithelial cells in ischemia-reperfusion-injury and alloreactivity
Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Nina Babel - Constantin Thieme

Adibeh Rahmani (Iran)

Pathophysiology of multiple trauma: the interaction between traumatic brain injury, cervical and thoracic spinal cord injury, and bone fracture in the acute, post-traumatic phase - studies on adrenergic regulation and energy metabolism
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Serafeim Tsitsilonis - Matthias Pumberger - Jessika Appelt

Simon Reich (Germany)

Influence of local tissue injuries, repair and degeneration on spinal morphology, mechanics and motion in a large animal model (sheep)
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Hendrik Schmidt - Matthias Pumberger - Sandra Reitmaier

Uta Rössler (Germany)

Novel gene therapeutic approaches to osteopetrosis
Charité - Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Uwe Kornak - Manfred Gossen - Zsuzsanna Izsvak

Attia Sarwar (Pakistan)

Donor age and its impact on Solid organ Transplantation
Charité - Department of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Katja Kotsch - Martina Seifert Muhammad Imtiaz Ashraf

Radost Anika Saß (Germany)

Influence of graft-versus-host disease following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation on the reconstitution of bone marrow and immune system
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Katharina Schmidt-Bleek - Il Kang Na - Olaf Penak

Mareen Schütze (Germany)

Investigating the Modulatory Effect of Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue on Bone Healing
BIH - Julius Wolff Institute of Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Katharina Schmidt-Bleek - Georg Duda - Tim Schulz

Sarah Schulenberg (Germany)

Targeting the CXCR3-chemokine system to unleash T cells against solid cancer
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Hans-Dieter Volk - Tino Vollmer

Anne Seewald (Germany)

The role of vascularization in the mineral transport during embryonic bone development
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Peter Fratzl - Petra Knaus - Emeline Raguin

Mina Sohrabi-Zadeh (Luxembourg)

Effects of cellular senescence on mechanosensation: implications for tissue engineering
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Ansgar Petersen - Sven Geißler - Erik Brauer

Ehsan Soodmand (Iran)

Mechanically driven cellular self-organization and soft tissue patterning in bone healing
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Sara Checa - Ansgar Petersen - Georg Duda

Andreia Sousa da Silveira (Portugal)

Micro and nano structure property relations in cellular versus acellular fishbone
Charité - Department of Dental Preservation and Preventive Dentistry
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Paul Zaslansky - Claudia Fleck - Ron Shahar

Janina Stadter (Germany)

Biomaterial-induced endochondral ossification for bone regeneration
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Ansgar Petersen - Jens Kurreck - Ingo Henschel - Andreas Höß

Nina Stelzer (Germany)

Bone-on-a-Chip system for preclinical investigations of new therapeutic approaches for autosomal recessive osteopetrosis
BIH Center for Regnerative Therapies
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Sven Geißler - Uwe Kornak - Sina Bartfeld

Kieu Nhi Tran Vo (Viet Nam)

Adrenal Differentiation of human PBMC-derived iPS Cells
BIH - Hypertension and Molecular Biology of Endocrine Tumors
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Ute Scholl - Harald Stachelscheid