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Scientist adds culture in incubator

Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral researchers at the BSRT benefit from a strong network of senior scientists, young research group leaders and post-docs and an intellectually stimulating environment in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. This network is constantly expanding and changing, with new PhD students entering the programme each year, carefully selected by the BSRT Admissions Committee, and an ever-growing number of graduates embarking on new careers around the world.

Sie befinden sich hier:

Current Doctoral Researchers U-Z

Zehra Uyar-Aydin (Germany)

Imitation of the long-lived plasma cell survival niche of the human bone marrow
TU - Medical Biotechnology
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Roland Lauster - Andreas Thiel - Henrik Mei - Mark Rosowski - Shirin Kadler

Julian Weihs (Germany)

Identification of the transcriptional code for theapeutic reprogramming of liver fibrosis-driving cell types into fully functional hepatocytes in human model systems
Charité - Klinik für Pädiatrie m.S. Nephrologie
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Milad Rezvani - Nils Haep - Dubravka Vucicevic

Niklas Wiese (Germany)

Development of Tacrolimus-resistant T-cell products for the regeneration of a virus-specific immune response in immunosuppression
Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Petra Reinke - Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Leila Amini

Fatih Yergoz (Turkey)

Modulation of the opioid system by mediators of tissue injury and inflammation
Charité - Research Group of Experimental Anesthesiology
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Christoph Stein - Britta Siegmund -  Melih Özgür Celik

Ghazaleh Zarrinrad (Iran)

Immunosuppression-resistant T cell products for advanced adoptive T cell therapy
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Petra Reinke - Julia Polansky-Biskup - Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Leila Amini

Tingting Zhong (China)

Cryopreservation of regulatory T cells: technologies for ready-to-use products for therapy
BIH Centrum für Regenerative Therapien
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Andreas Kurtz - Heiko Zimmermann - Ina Meiser

Sijia Zhou (China)

Mechanism of Regenerative Cell Action in Osteoarthritis (MORCA)
Julius Wolff Institute
Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Tobias Winkler - Georg Duda - Tazio Maleitzke